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The Hudson River framing shop can simply be described as "top notch". Quality, integrity of the owner, and superior craftsmanship combine to make this framing store a must stop for anyone needing consultation and framing expertise. I became a valued customer 25 years ago and even though I live in the Heights, I prefer to come uptown to have my pictures framed. Alan's work is that good.
Carol from Brooklyn Heights

I have been going to Hudson River Picture Frames for 10 years and the quality of work has always been exceptional. As an artist, it is important for me to have a framer who understands the best way to present my work. Alan goes above and beyond in working with me to determine what will actually enhance my artwork. His sensitivity as an artist and his extraordinary skill as a craftsman have served to provide a true showcase for my drawings and prints.
Barbara Rubensohn

Hudson River Frames is the home to many artists, photographers, designers and filmmakers that want the best for their artwork in the final frame finishing. Allen is a true artist and coach to all on the color blending, size and look for each frame in the context of the actual artwork. I value his advice and the perfect rendering of all the quality details demanding clients want for a gallery or a home setting. He cares about the vision each person has for their framed artwork.
Carol J. Amore, TIGERS Executive Producer, Filmmaker and photographer  

I spend my life surrounded by Alan Dworkowitz's handiwork, since whatever I care about enough to frame, I bring to him. Apart from being a good guy, Alan has great intuition. He gets what makes a piece of art, or kitsch, or nostalgia, meaningful, and why it should be cherished, and how it should be preserved and presented. I know Hudson River Picture Frames costs a bit more; I just factor Alan himself into the fee.
David Margolick 

All of the original photographs and prints in my apartment have been framed at Hudson River Frames for the past 20 years, and I have never been disappointed with the work. Alan Dworkowitz brings his artistic training to the selection of frames and mats, and has never given me wrong advice for the framing of a specific print. Each of the images on my walls has been enhanced by his thoughtfulness and expertise.

Alan is a consummate artisan whose meticulous work reflects a love of art and a keen eye for discerning how works on paper can and should be framed. I am an avid print collector and have relied on Alan's skills and suggestions for many years.

We have been working with Alan at Hudson River Picture Framers, Inc. for seven years on sometimes challenging projects. His solutions are always appropriate and creative. His execution is outstanding.
Bill Speer

I highly recommend Hudson River Picture Frames. Alan has done all my framing for twenty years. His creative selection of the highest quality frames and mattes has spectacularly enhanced the look of paintings, lithographs, posters, 100 year old family photographs, hand-woven cloths and his own created collages. His grouping of several related photographs, such as from a particular travel location, is work of art in itself. He always spends the time and effort to be sure that I am completely happy with the work.
Jeffrey Chancas

I have had over 30 pieces framed at Hudson River framing in the past 20 years and I am absolutely thrilled with every single one. Alan is a master craftsman and more than that, he's an artist. He brings an artistic vision and level of care to each piece he frames that is unsurpassed. If you are looking for the finest quality framing and truly exceptional customer service, look no further than Hudson River framing.
Michael Davis, Musician
Rolling Stones trombonist

Superb craftmanship, museum quality work.Stellar spot-on advice. Our most trusted keepsakes, including irreplacable personal momentos, have been worked on by Alan @Hudson River Framers, No one else treats them with such care,expertise, and understanding as to what they mean to us on a personal level. Alan has been doing our work for 7+ years, and we plan to continue to have him do so for years to come. Highly recommended.
Adam Stoler & Barbara Kail, Riverdale NY

I have been taking the special pieces that I care about to Alan at Hudson River Picture Frames for 25 + years. He has an artistic eye, excellent taste, and a refined sensibility that respects each piece for its own personality and merit – whether it be a French oil painting from the Barbizon period, a much-loved family photo from the turn of the 20th Century, or a piece of children’s art work – which he elevates to something very special, too!

All the while, Alan takes the time to discern the best “fit” for the piece: the right frame, matting style and color. His love of his work is palpable, and it is clear that he takes great pride in completing each framing job beautifully. He is also very, very patient!

I know that if I were to go through my apartment, almost everything on the walls could be attributed to Alan’s work – and its professionalism and beauty shines through. I wouldn’t think of going elsewhere!
Joanne Halev

While I collect vintage black and white photography, my wife collects travel posters, and we are frequently in mortal combat over whose collection deserves more wall space in our apartment. The battles typically involve extensive negotiations, bartering, and shameless courting in which our ulterior motives are eventually revealed. Secretly, I love her collection as she loves mine (I just know she does). For both of us though, protecting what we love is important, and loving our artwork like we do, we’re always looking for the best ways to protect its integrity. In other words, we’re always looking for the best framers of artwork wherever we live, and for the last decade we’ve chosen Alan, and Hudson River Framing as our “go to” place in New York for all the art we’ve purchased. We’re so thrilled to have found him, and even though the sparring over wall space continues in our home, we couldn’t recommend his services more highly for commercial collectors, or even for just folks like us who love beautiful art, and enjoy seeing it hanging up in our homes, and knowing it’s protected.
Steven Napier and Tasmine Mocke

Hudson River Framing has been my neighborhood friend for over 30 years: Personal and attentive service, reliable, trustworthy and always beautiful, professional results. It is a pleasure to work with Alan, whether we are preserving my dad's 1940 college degree or choosing the right frame for a Sundance 2011 film poster. Alan knows exactly the right combination of offering his opinion and respecting the view of his customer.
Peggy Leibowitz

In my work as an architect practicing for over 25 years I have had occasion to see the work of many different craftsmen. I can unequivocally say that there are few, if any, who have can measure up to the high standards of artistic excellence and technical competence that Alan Dworkowitz of Hudson River Framing achieves in his work. His framing work is always spot on and his eye is unerring. I can unreservedly recommend Hudson River Framing to anyone who is searching for framing that is beautiful and sound. Alan is a master at what he does.
Arthur Lasky

We have had more than a dozen artworks of all types and sizes framed at Hudson River. Alan Dworkowitz is truly a master of his craft. Not only does he use the best preservation techniques and materials, but he has a very fine artist’s eye and his advice on the type and thickness of frames, the size and shade of mats, etc is stellar, enhancing every picture we have brought to him. We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.
Linda and Geoff Field, New York City


Hudson River Picture Frames, Inc.
107 West 86th Street
New York, NY 10024
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